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Gellert Bath, Budapest - H-1118 Budapest, Kelenhegyi út 4. -
Hajnal Mónika
Emmanuel Pastor + 36 20/8031737
Tihanyi ZSuzsanna
carefree floating - complete relaxation - stress release - acupressure points - Shiatsu massage spine relaxation - rotation of joint articulations - stretching of muscles - for body and mind
WATAGE is a therapy in warm water based on Watsu (Water shiatsu). While the body floats weightlessly, it is gently twisted and stretched in graceful fluid movements. This leads into a deep and tranquil state of relaxation. WATAGE also benefits orthopedic, neurological and rheumatological impairments. People with back pain, stress disorders have reported benefits from WATAGE sessions.
Water massage - Relaxation
In Gellert Bath, Budapest H-1118 Budapest, Kelenhegyi út 4. from 14:30h to 19h 30 min. 7000FT or 25€ 60 min. 12000ft or 40€